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Cloud for Work, Winner of Powell Partner of the Year Award

Back in 2016, we were looking for a solution to help our clients leverage their investment in SharePoint Online. SharePoint Servers and SharePoint Online are very powerful document management systems but lack a modern look and feel and flexibility to build a digital workplace (Intranet) meeting today's users' expectations. That is how we decided to partner with Powell Software, a leading provider of tools to help in this area.

“Cloud for Work is completely complementary to Powell 365 and has the same objective; to make digital content easier to use, helping employees better communicate, collaborate and be more productive. We are very excited to work closely with the Cloud for Work team to enable customers to offer the best digital workplace to their employees”, said Cyril de Queral, Powell Software CEO.

Our partnership has been developing and progressing since then, and we are proud to say that the number of customers is consistently growing. In the year 2020 increased workplace collaboration required an upgrade to the toolset and collaboration framework. Cloud for Work's methodology proved to deliver business results to customers.

Our work in 2020 with companies to enhance Microsoft Teams with governance, as well as Intranet deployments for Corporate Communication and Employee Engagement, earned us the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Partner of the Year award for 2020.

We are excited about winning the partner of the year for 2020, another proof of a successful partnership and our commitment to our clients and Powell Software.

To read the full announcement, click here. To watch our joint webinar on Powell Teams, log into the resources section of our website.

Curious about finding out what we can do for you in the terms of Intranet on SharePoint or Powell Teams? Drop us a message.

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