Conduct Discovery Meetings

Capture Requirements and Clarify Objectives

Recommend a Solution and Provide a Plan

Finalize the Commercial Proposal

Deploy Successfully

Technology Adoption Platform

Get your users to improve their digital skills and go deeper into using Office 365 in their day-to-day.  We recommend the Digital Enablement Platform that is called Nulia.

Online Learning Management Solution

Manage the content and the staff learning progress by using an online learning management solution.  We can help generate customized content for your existing LMS or we can help you deploy LMS 365, a learning platform built on SharePoint Online that includes ready-to-use content to drive Office 365 adoption.

End-Users How-to Support

Answer the questions of your employees on how-to do things within Office 365 by leveraging our team of digital advisors who stand by to answer employee questions, share with them relevant content, and help them with their day-to-day task within Office 365.