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Become a change-ready organization that can adjust to the needs of their customers dynamically and continuously. Below are our recommendations to modernize your office.

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Communicate Online

Chat with your colleagues and partners using Microsoft Teams to host secure online meetings and bring teams together.

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Collaborate Online

Co-author documents, manage tasks, and use a whiteboard using Microsoft Teams and third-party apps like Klaxoon.

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Manage Documents

Safeguard and access your documents from any device and anywhere with Microsoft SharePoint Online.

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Build an Intranet

Deploy your Intranet in a few weeks with our unique combination of SharePoint Online and Powell 365 to save time and cost.

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Automate Your Workflows

Automate your enterprise workflows with Microsoft Power Automate and an Intranet (such as leave request, visa renewals and more).

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Automate with Chatbots

Automate internal business questions by deploying a chatbot within Microsoft Teams and integrated with the ITSM, CRM, ERP, etc.

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Apps for Your Business Process

Automate business processes using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI built custom to your business requirements.

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Put Governance in Place

Implement and enforce Microsoft Teams' governance (who can create a Team, tagging teams, using templates, etc.) using Powell.


Secure Your Microsoft 365 Infrastructure

Deploy and optimize Microsoft 365 security components such as ATP, DLP, Azure Information Protection, etc.

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