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Microsoft Teams Deployment KIT

Stay connected with chat, calls, and meetings within your team and in private or small group conversations. Activating and using Microsoft Teams empowers your organization to have a central hub for employees’ communication via any device, anywhere, and at any time.

The objective is to deploy Microsoft Teams in an efficient
and cost-effective way with the help of experts in the field.


2 weeks


One-time payment of AED 9,870 + 5% VAT
Valid until December 2018


What is required from client
Point of contact from the technical team, point of contact from management, filling in the spreadsheet structure to indicate what staff member is part of what department, scheduling and logistics of on-site capacity building session, announcing deployment of Microsoft Teams to staff members, timely approvals

What’s included in the KIT

  • Create departments in Microsoft Teams to reflect your existing departments (up-to ten departments)

  • Spreadsheet structure (Qty: 1) for client to fill to indicate what staff member is part of what department

  • Adding staff to relevant departments in Microsoft Teams (up-to 100 employees)

  • Identifying from Microsoft official material, getting started posts in Microsoft Teams (Qty: 2 posts; Up-to 120 words per post.  Cloud for Work provides the content and client posts)

  • Capacity Building session (Qty: 1; up-to two hours) on-site in UAE for staff

  • User guide for end users from Microsoft official material on how to use Microsoft Teams (Qty: 1; deliverable is a PDF file of up-to ten pages; Official Microsoft branding, no custom branding)

Immediate improvements after deployment

  • Centralize channels for management to make company wide announcements as well as day-to-day management perspective on progress of work. 

  • Empowerment of staff via their mobile devices. 

  • Members within the organization collaborate simultaneously on files (such as reports, spreadsheets, presentations…) 


  • Give the management team a direct channel to work with staff

  • Give the staff a direct channel to management

  • Give management increased visibility on operational activity

  • Participate in conversations and see all your teams, channels, and files. 

  • Share documents within working groups

  • Conduct audio and video calls while doing collaborative edits to a shared file 

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