Webinar: IT Helpdesk Chatbot

The volume of requests for help to your IT Helpdesk continues to increase the more systems you rollout. Adding more resources and conducting education sessions help; however, it does not help to reduce, categorize, and channel the volume of requests received.  


With your organization using Microsoft Teams extensively during the pandemic, you can introduce an IT Helpdesk Chatbot within Teams. 


The Chatbot would reduce the volume of requests by solving the first level troubleshooting cases, categorizing the incoming requests, and then proceeding to automate the process of opening a ticket with the IT Helpdesk when required.


Join Cloud for Work for a webinar demonstrating how an IT Helpdesk Chatbot within Microsoft Teams works, and what are the best practices for a Chatbot rollout. 

Date: Monday, July 27th 2020

Time: 10:00am to 10:45am (UAE time)

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