How to get caught up on your emails and Teams notifications after the holidays: 5 time-saving tips

Setting your inbox and Teams notifications in place will be essential ahead of your leave, to minimize the number of notifications upon your return.

In one of our previous webinars and blog posts, we have covered the tips for better management of your inbox and messages through Outlook and Teams. We suggest you check those tips before your leave – such as how to create different types of filters which will automatically sort your emails into different folders.

So, assuming that you have already set up the proper automatic replies in your Outlook and Teams, the first tip is: Creating and managing rules and alerts. This will help you return to an organized inbox, and help you quickly prioritize your work and deal with your emails upon your return. Check the Outlook blog post to read more about how to do it.

The second tip is adjusting your Teams notifications. You have maybe set up notifications for multiple channels that are not your priority anymore, or you have not