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How to get caught up on your emails and Teams notifications after the holidays: 5 time-saving tips

Setting your inbox and Teams notifications in place will be essential ahead of your leave, to minimize the number of notifications upon your return.

In one of our previous webinars and blog posts, we have covered the tips for better management of your inbox and messages through Outlook and Teams. We suggest you check those tips before your leave – such as how to create different types of filters which will automatically sort your emails into different folders.

So, assuming that you have already set up the proper automatic replies in your Outlook and Teams, the first tip is: Creating and managing rules and alerts. This will help you return to an organized inbox, and help you quickly prioritize your work and deal with your emails upon your return. Check the Outlook blog post to read more about how to do it.

The second tip is adjusting your Teams notifications. You have maybe set up notifications for multiple channels that are not your priority anymore, or you have not revisited your notifications settings in a while; doing this before your leave is a great idea.

To manage your notifications, select Settings and more Teams more icon in the top right of Teams, then select Settings button Settings > Activity button Notifications.

The third tip is – set up quiet days on your Teams mobile app if you don’t want to be disturbed during your days off. From your mobile device, click on Notifications and selected quiet days (or quiet hours).

The fourth tip – if you really cannot but wonder what is going on in Teams in your absence, but you don’t want to spend your holidays checking the notifications, there is a feature called ‘Missed activity emails’ in your Teams app.

The missed activity emails show the latest replies from the conversation and allow you to respond directly from Outlook.

The fifth tipThe activity button in Teams is your friend. Select the Activity button to see your Activity feed- a summary of everything that's happened in your absence.

Select the Filter button. In the menu that pops up, select what type of notifications you want to see. For example, you can choose unread messages or mentions to focus on the queries directed at you. Select X to close the filter.

Upon your return, you can benefit from Viva Insights and use it to book Focus time or get insights on the pending tasks.

Do you have any other tips for handling notifications? Please drop them in the comment box or our Linkedin Page. Need more productivity tips or help? Connect with us via


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