Emirates Steel Success Story

Emirates Steel and Microsoft 365 Adoption

In the previous blog post, we shared some insights into getting a better ROI and saving one day a week with Microsoft Teams. The article relied on extensive research, demonstrating how having a unified communication and collaboration tool leads to a significant expense reduction.

Last week was very exciting because we had a chance to host Aisha Al Ahmad from Emirates Steel in our webinar “Cutting Costs with Microsoft Teams”. Aisha shared some insights and tips from Emirates Steel's experience with Microsoft 365 adoption.

Emirates Steel had an existing Office 365 subscription, but the end-users were not utilizing it.

The opportunity to optimize the investment and to maximize Office 365 usage came last year.

“Cloud for Work assisted us on the adoption journey and together we designed the adoption program. To increase utilization, we initiated the project by creating a roadmap. This was during the last quarter of 2019. First, we defined our sponsor and got the executive buy-in, then we selected the project team members. They included various employees from different departments, like information technology, human capital, communication, finance, strategy, sales, operations... “

One of the keystones was to identify the champions who will support the adoption. Emirates Steel was performing the frequent assessment of Office 365 utilization, as well as technical assessment. “Cloud for Work helped us in identifying valuable use cases,