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Automation with Microsoft Teams HR Chatbot

What are HR Chatbots and why are they becoming so popular?

HR Chatbot is your HR Consultant working 24/7 and 365 days a year. In addition to handling thousands of conversations simultaneously, it helps you automate HR tasks, based on high frequency and low judgment.

Why now?

COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the role of technology in the workplace, in a way that HR needs to:

· maintain employees informed

· provide employees with guidelines

· facilitate the new reality of offices

Some reports show that 40% of people don’t care if they’re helped by a chatbot or a real human. According to a survey by Oracle, by 2022, 86% of businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbots implemented.

Approximately 60% of HR repetitive tasks can be automated, such as:

Company-related FAQs

COVID-19 related Questions

Answer Questions from the Employee Handbook

Leave Requests

Expense Requests

Purchase Requests

Claim Requests

Salary Certificates

Reference Letter Requests

Attendance (Clock In/Clock Out)

Visa Renewals



Employees Training

So how does it work? Let’s say HR chatbot has been added to Microsoft Teams. Here is a flow example:

· Flow 1: user asks the bot the following question “I want to call my HR rep”

· Flow 2: Teams sends the message to the Bot service. Bot service sends the message to the Bot logic App.

· Flow 3: The Bot logic App sends the unstructured message to LUIS.

· Flow 4: LUIS transforms the unstructured message into structured data by specifying the intent and entities.

· Flow 5, 6, 7, and 8: based on the intent and entities, the bot logic code communicates with the relevant backend using the Integration APP to get the HR rep contacts.

• Flow 9 and 10: Bot logic shares the information with Bot service which replies to the user.

Let’s get into some real scenarios.

You can communicate with your HR Chatbot directly through Microsoft Teams.

Using HR Chatbot to request a recommendation letter

Let’s say, you want to request a letter; You can type ‘I want to request a letter’ or just the keywords; The bot will reply with a follow-up question to specify the kind of letter you need.

Click on ‘Yes’:

Let’s say you want a recommendation letter which contains your years of experience:

Upon re-confirming the request, the bot will take all this information and send it to the person who is responsible for this. The HR letter needs to be validated by one of the superiors, so this information will be logged into HR LMS.

Using HR Bot to request an expense

Let’s now say you want to use HR chatbot to request an expense; type the full sentence or just the keywords ‘request expense 1000’:

State your reason, for example, business trip:

The bot will ask you to confirm the information you provided:

The bot will then send the request for approval:

Requesting a salary slip

Since this request does not require any internal validation, you can access it directly after asking the bot to send a salary slip:

Are you interested in testing the bot yourself or learning more about its capabilities? Contact us via


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