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Develop Digital Skills by Doing. All While in the Natural Flow of Work. 

Nulia Works - Unlocking the Value of Teams & ALL of Microsoft 365 

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Are you struggling to get Microsoft 365 deeply adopted in your organization? Maybe tried traditional solutions, only to find they’re not sufficient or your company does not have enough time or resources for ongoing adoption?  


You’re not alone – According to industry-leading research, over 50% of digital software goes unused, and on top of that, 70% of traditional solutions fail. 

We have a better way that bridges the gaps of traditional solutions.  

We have partnered with Nulia to bring you the first-of-its-kind solution, Nulia Works – a brand-new way to drive digital skills development in Microsoft 365, from any device, anywhere.  


Whether working remotely or in an office environment, Nulia Works gets your users using Teams & ALL of Microsoft 365. It guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing in the natural flow of work, enabling users to continuously attain, maintain, and use digital skills. 

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Through a continuous user-focused system of real usage measurement, personalized guidance, and rewarding engagement, Nulia Works personalizes skills development and continuously drives & sustains change through adoption of Teams & Microsoft 365 to meet business goals.


Nulia Works provides the following value: ​ 

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  • Unlocks usage of Microsoft 365 features and functions at scale across a wide range of job roles, departments, industries, and applications ​ 

  • Enables organisation-wide digital productivity improvement, building user confidence and driving change that lasts, measuring success by doing, not by consuming information ​ 

  • Guides users to develop digital skills in their natural flow of work with always-on engagement and personalised recommendations to meet ever-changing business goals 

Nulia Works integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 licenses at the tenant level and delivers everything in the natural flow of work, always on and always available whenever and wherever it’s needed. Whether working in Microsoft Teams or in their favorite browser is part of a user’s natural flow of work, Nulia Works meets them where are, with what they need with our Teams or web app. 


Nulia Works meets users where they are and provides the same user experience whether they are working in Teams or on the web. And with enhanced accessibility, Nulia Works ensures that users have what they need to realize their potential.   


Let's equip your organization with the digital skills they need to realize the potential and unlock the value of Microsoft 365, from anywhere.  


Schedule a free, full demo of Nulia Works. 

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