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Efficient teamwork, anywhere

Meetings, project reviews, workshops or training sessions: Klaxoon offers a unique collaborative environment designed to foster team engagement by making information-sharing easy and accessible to all. 

Klaxoon's goal is to enable teams to collaborate more seamlessly by offering them tools that are easy-to-use (in any situation) and that foster a more inclusive and participative approach to teamwork. 

As Klaxoon Solution Provider Silver, Cloud for Work can help you leverage Klaxoon collaboration technologies and make the most of your investment. 


Prepare and facilitate online meeting with Klaxoon and Microsoft Teams

Awarded as 2020 "Microsoft Partner of the Year", Klaxoon launches directly in Microsoft Teams for a unique teamwork experience.

Find out how to leverage Klaxoon collaborative tools directly in Teams to effectively share and collaborate remotely.

Using Cloud for Work's MEA workplace experience and the advanced capabilities of Klaxoon, organizations become change-ready and adjust to market needs continuously.

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