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Services for Your Growing Business



Office 365 Advisory

and Support

Get advisory support to all your Office 365 needs from a Senior Digital Advisor for only $1 per user per month:  Access to a digital advisor, customized Office 365 online sessions for your organization, what is new in Office 365 online sessions, onboarding employees, and curated email.


We assess your current infrastructure and provide recommendations on the most effective way to deploy or migrate to Office 365 while preventing data loss and facilitating business continuity. We advise and assist your technical team.


Advise and Deploy SharePoint

Empower your organization with a next generation Intranet to access popular organization documents, the staff stays up to date with organization news, key business applications unified in one streamlined interface for email, calendar, and documents.


Advise and Launch

Microsoft Teams

Launching Microsoft Teams effectively gets your departments to work closer together, reduces back and forth emails, enables live chat/audio/video, and real-time collaboration with version tracking on documents, spreadsheet, and presentations.


Backup Your Data in

the Cloud

Keep your business data safe by backing up your computers, servers, data centers, application data, user data, and customer data to the cloud.  We will plan and assist you every step of the way.

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