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Personalized Guidance and Training for Your Team to Maximize the Usage of Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, and the rest of the Office 365 family​

Equip your organization with the digital skills they need to realize the potential and unlock the value of Microsoft 365. Through a continuous user-focused system of real usage measurement, personalized guidance, and rewarding engagement, Nulia Works personalizes skills development and continuously drives & sustains change through the adoption of Teams & Microsoft 365 to meet business goals.

How much of your digital tools and resources is your team actually using? ​

Is your organization working from home, remotely, or in a hybrid environment? ​

And how is this affecting the overall adoption and use of the digital technologies you are paying for? ​

“Change is happening all around us and needs to be integrated into how you do business. In fact, these days, ‘change’ is actually ‘business as usual’”

How much of your digital tools and resources is your team actually using? ​

Change is not a one-time activity or standalone project – it is a continuous process that can happen at any level.

It Is Time For A Better Way

A new, innovative solution that is purposely designed to meet your organization’s transformational business goals today, tomorrow, and as they evolve, ​


Change-as-a-Service continuously drives and sustains change through adoption of digital technologies, empowering you, your organization, and your users to develop the digital skills they need to adapt and become agile to the changes in your work environment. 

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Because our Change-as-a-Service solution is scalable, platform-based, and purposefully designed to enhance traditional adoption & change management projects, it drives lasting change through personalized skills development. 

With actionable Insights that quantify change through measured behavioral change, you can be sure that individual users, groups of users, and your organization are progressing through their ongoing adoption and change journey to meet transformational goals. 

A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room

Let’s Reach Your Digital Transformational Change Goals

Our Change-as-a-Service solution is purposely designed to empower your users to develop the skills they need to reach your digital transformation goals as they evolve.  ​

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